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We’re here to make moving day easy. Whether it’s a residential or a business move, a local move or long distance moving, we’re the right business for you. We understand the importance of timeliness, safety, and superb service. Our home moving movers will be there when you need them to pack, move, and unpack your possessions.

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Our Calgary Customer Reviews

This guys made my moving easy. 3 bedroom move is a big move but thanks to my friend who recommended Calgary Movers and the move went surprisingly cool and stress-free. I really had a great time working with them. Thanks!

Oliver, 30, Calgary

I must say that this company deserves recommendations. Im really not into writing reviews but I was really impressed with the service of the movers that Calgary sent me. They were all nice and kind and hardworking too and they are all focused. Great choice and not expensive at all.

Sarah, 27, Calgary

We had a little problem w/ our new apartment in a complex bulding as the elevator that day of the move wasnt working. My boyfriend and I had to adjust our budget because we were already given a qoute but we are so thankful when at the end of the move, they had given us a fair discount. That helped us a lot, thank you so much.
Lauren, 30, Calgary


Fill out this form and we’ll get back to you shortly!
Or call us by phone (587) 315-0758.
Weekdays 8 am-10 pm
Weekends 9 am-7 pm