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Efficient global relocation solutions connecting Calgary, Alberta, with the world. Seamless international movers ensuring a smooth transition.

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International Movers Servicing Calgary, Alberta
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Embark on a Worldwide Journey with Calgary Movers™ - Proficient Experts in International Moving and Packing

Embark on a worldwide journey of effortless relocation with Calgary Movers™, your trusted international movers. Our proficient experts specialize in seamless international moving and packing services. From meticulous packing to secure delivery, we ensure a smooth transition to any corner of the world. With a deep understanding of global regulations and logistics, we guarantee the safe and timely arrival of your belongings. Beyond the technicalities, we provide a personalized touch, acknowledging the emotional aspect of moving abroad. Count on Calgary Movers™, the leaders in international moving, to navigate the complexities while you focus on embracing this new adventure. Your global journey starts here.

Benefits and Features:

Discover a variety of tailor-made international moving solutions for a smooth, stress-free move with Calgary Movers. Here’s why choosing us for your global relocation is the perfect decision.


Streamlined and Efficient:

Discover the convenience of managing your relocation and essential paperwork using our advanced online platform. We simplify the complexities of international moving, making the process hassle-free.


Dependable and Trustworthy:

Rely on our unwavering commitment to on-time delivery and expert coordination. Our proficient movers utilize top-tier packing materials, ensuring the safe arrival of your possessions at your new destination.


Customized Shipping Options:

Whether you require a Full Container Load (FCL) or Less than Container Load (LCL), our solutions are tailored to your specific demands. Your individual preferences take precedence.


Extensive Nationwide Network:

Take advantage of our extensive presence throughout Canada. Our numerous locations guarantee an elevated level of service. Wherever you are, we're readily accessible.


Decades of Professionalise:

Drawing from two decades of industry proficiency, we're equipped to tackle the unique challenges of international moves. Your relocation is handled by capable hands.


Cost-effective and Efficient:

Our accredited accounts and strategic partnerships with Ports and Steamship companies empower us to offer economical moving solutions. Quality service doesn't have to be exorbitant.

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    Our Internaational Relocation Process


    Careful Packing & Preparation

    Our team diligently prepares and packs your belongings for safe transport. Simultaneously, we ensure a smooth shipping process without unexpected hurdles, ensuring a seamless shift.


    Efficient Loading and Setup

    Your cargo is securely loaded onto the designated container at your location. Alternatively, you can opt to transport items to our warehouse for meticulous loading and further preparation before they're sent via rail, sea, or air.


    Streamlined Documentation & Customs Clearance

    Our dedicated international moving coordinator manages all essential documentation, ensuring a seamless customs clearance process. They meticulously organize all paperwork, ensuring accuracy as your cargo traverses oceans or skies.


    Cargo Reception & Coordinated Movement

    A trusted partner of Calgary Movers receives your cargo at the destination port. It's then promptly transported to your new address, with vigilant oversight ensuring safety and punctuality at every step.


    Two Decades of Proficiency:

    With 20 years of experience in the moving industry, we possess the skills to navigate the intricate complexities of international moves.


    Delivery & Unloading Excellence

    Your items reach your new home directly, and our team manages the unloading process with utmost precision. Relax and watch your new space come to life as we carefully place your treasured belongings.

    Our International Service Areas

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    and many other directions

    Client Review


    Marco Rodriguez:

    Calgary Movers made our move from Calgary to New York a breeze! The team efficiently handled everything from packing to customs clearance. We were worried about the logistics, but they delivered our belongings to our new home in Manhattan without a hitch. Highly recommend their international services.


    Emily Thompson:

    Moving from Calgary to Madrid seemed like a daunting task, but Calgary Movers turned it into a smooth experience. They managed every detail flawlessly, and our belongings arrived in perfect condition. Their expertise in international moves is evident, and I’m grateful for their professionalism.


    Lily Chen:

    Our relocation from Calgary to Tokyo was expertly managed by Calgary Movers. Their team’s attention to detail during packing and their understanding of the Japanese customs process made all the difference. Our items reached Tokyo right on schedule, allowing us to settle into our new home seamlessly.

    frequently asked questions


    What areas do your international moving services cover?

    We provide international moving services from Calgary, Alberta to various countries around the world.

    What services are included in your international moving package?

    Our comprehensive package includes transportation of belongings, inventory, storage, packing, and assistance with customs documentation.

    How do you ensure the safety of my belongings during the international move?

    We use specialized packing materials and techniques to ensure the secure transportation of your items. Our team is experienced in handling international relocations.

    Can you assist with the customs clearance process in the destination country?

    Yes, we provide assistance with customs documentation to ensure a smooth clearance process upon arrival in the destination country.

    Is storage available for items that need to be temporarily held before the move?

    Yes, we offer storage options for items that need to be stored before or after the international move.

    How do you determine the best shipping method for my move?

    We consider factors such as the volume of your items, your destination, and your preferences to determine whether Full Container Load (FCL) or Less than Container Load (LCL) shipping is more suitable.

    What is the timeframe for an international move?

    The timeframe varies depending on the destination and shipping method. We provide estimated delivery times based on your specific move details.

    Can you provide insurance coverage for my belongings during the move?

    Yes, we offer insurance options to provide coverage for your belongings during international transportation.

    Do you offer door-to-door international moving services?

    Yes, we offer comprehensive door-to-door international moving services, handling all aspects of the move from your current location to your destination.

    How can I get a quote for your international moving services?

    You can request a quote by contacting our team through our website or by phone. We'll gather the necessary details to provide you with an accurate estimate for your international move.