The guys were great; and I’d say the move went smoothly. I would feel comfortable recommending you to others if the opportunity ever comes up

— Phil Rich

Thank you for getting our piano here. My in-laws were impressed with the speed and delicacy with which it was removed from their home, and I have to agree that everything went very smoothly on the delivery also. I also really appreciated your responsiveness and efficient service. You made it really easy – the immediate quote, the confirmation, etc. I would absolutely recommend your company to anyone needing a piano moved.

— Samantha May

I was very pleased with the promptness of your response, the price, and the immediate scheduling for the piano move. Thank you very much!

— Castherine Greg

I just wanted to let you know what a good experience I had this morning. The men in your employ came in and moved my piano in ten minutes or less, were professional and polite and made me feel confident that my piano was in good hands.

I am so glad I found your web page and hired your company.

— Gen Craig

Thank you. My phone and e-mail messages were answered promptly. The piano move was done quickly and professionally. I’m satisfied that the rate we got was competitive.

— Sam Philips

Thank you Guys for moving my belongings and took good Care of it. I am very happy to live my new home effortless and not much expenses thank you for your very accommodating services for us. I truly recommend you to my friend that needs your nice and accommodating services.

— Spencer Reyes

I have never dealt with moving company before I was a bit apprehensive. I had heard horror stories. But this company was very professional and informational. They made me feel comfortable. They made my move stress free. I forgot to thank you guys. Keep it up.

— Lance McKinney

This company was very nice and easy to deal with for my move. Price was a little more than many of the company that we get quotations from but i like the honesty that they were with me. So honest!.

— Finch Ginnis

Moved with this company and they will take care of everything!! They showed up on the day I wanted and delivered on the day I wanted. I am very glad and thankful.

— Angela Sue

These movers are great, they showed up on time, they dressed and were very professional; they handled our belongings as if it were theirs. I appreciate it a lot!

— Michelle Spills

It is such a pain to pack your whole house and move to a completely different location, leaving your friends, beloved neighbors and all that you have made your own till the time you stayed there. I, for one, never enjoy readjusting with different set of people at a different place; it surely seeps into my comfort zone. But, if your work demands it, you cannot refuse. Here I was, looking for the kind of movers who would take away all my pain so that I don’t have to do a thing while resettling. Thank god, I found Calgary Movers.
Anything can happen when you move home- accident, wear and tear, loss of items, etc. But, I am surprised to know that my stuff reached me unscathed. The movers were thorough professionals and well-trained leaving no room for error and well equipped to face any kind of problem that might happen during moving. I can say that I absolutely loved this moving company as they gave me no chance to complain. I have seen my friends cribbing and fighting legal battles with moving companies due to the damages done to their stuff but thanks to Calgary Movers, I will never be one of them.

— Donna Kristine

The guys were terrific in their own way. When they’re on the way, they called so we can get ready, they have a positive aura when they arrived and they finished the job 30 minutes less than the time qouted. My move the other day was really stress-free. You made it well. Thanks!

— Ali Belhouchet

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